14What are the benefits of pressure washing your home?

1. Cleans and preserves exterior surfaces

Pressure washing is an effective and efficient way to clean and preserve exterior surfaces. It uses a pressure washer machine to blast away dirt, debris, and more with highly pressurized cold water. This method is best for cleaning decks, patios, outdoor furniture, storefronts, and more. Before starting, it is important to prep the work area by making sure all doors and windows are closed, and that the power to external electrical outlets have been turned off. Additionally, any plants or shrubbery should be trimmed back to avoid getting in the way. If a detergent needs to be used, it should be applied with a low-pressure spray pattern and allowed to sit for a few minutes before the pressure washer is used from top to bottom. For larger two-story homes, spray tips and extensions can be used to ensure all areas are reached. Finally, a rotary surface-cleaner attachment can be used for fast and even cleaning of porches, decks, driveways, and sidewalks. With regular pressure washing, dirt, and other buildup can be removed, leaving your siding looking brighter, your driveways and walkways cleaner, and your roof free of black streaks.

2. Leaves surfaces looking brighter and newer

Pressure washing leaves surfaces looking brighter and newer by removing built-up dirt, dust, mold, algae, pollen, insects, and even rainwater that can cause an unsightly and unhealthy buildup on outdoor surfaces. This buildup can cause stains, fading, and color changes, and if left untreated, can even cause damage to the materials of your home as the living organisms work their way beneath the siding and into the roof. By regularly pressure washing your home’s exterior, you can prevent this buildup and protect your home from costly repairs. The high-pressure water also helps to restore surfaces to their original color, giving them a newer and brighter look.

3. Removes dirt and debris

When pressure washing a home, a variety of dirt, mildew, and debris can be removed. This includes dust, splattered dirt, mold, algae, pollen, insects, rainwater, and other build-up that can impact the health of your family and the appeal of your home. Pressure washing can also help remove stains, prevent the build-up of allergens, and give your home’s siding, driveway, and walkways a more vibrant color. Professional-grade pressure washing also utilizes a low-pressure approach and special cleaning detergents to fight back against dirt and other debris without causing damage to the home.

4. Reduces potential for damage and decay

Pressure washing is an effective way of reducing the potential for damage and decay on a home’s exterior surfaces. This is because the process removes dirt, grime, and insects that can take away from the health of a family and the aesthetic appeal of a home. Additionally, pressure washing prevents the buildup of these items which can work their way under siding and into the material of a roof, eating away the structure of a home and causing costly damage. By having a professional pressure washing done annually, homeowners can reduce the potential for damage to their home and maintain the value and appeal of their property.

5. Enhances curb appeal and home value

Pressure washing can be an effective way to enhance your home’s curb appeal and increase its value. Power washing removes dirt, grime, mold and mildew, which can all detract from the look of your home and lead to visible signs of decay. The National Association of Realtors suggests that pressure washing can add up to $15,000 to the sale price of your home. Additionally, pressure washing can help prevent costly repairs and maintain your property value. It can also preserve the curb appeal of your home by removing dirt and debris and leaving a spotless and hygienic exterior. Pressure washing also eliminates allergens and other pollutants, making it safer and healthier for your family. By investing in annual power washing, you can enjoy a beautiful, clean home year-round,

6. Improves paint adhesion

Pressure washing helps improve paint adhesion by scouring off any dirt, grime, chalking paint, and other buildup from the surface of the house. This ensures that the new coat of paint will stick better and last longer, as dirt and build-up can lead to bubbling and cracked paint. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the surface of the house is clean so that the paint will adhere effectively. Pressure washing also prevents the build-up of allergens and other things that can harm the health of your family, and can even raise property value.

7. Reduces potential for growth of contaminants and bacteria

Pressure washing can reduce the potential for the growth of mold and bacteria in the home by removing dirt, grime and other buildup on outdoor surfaces which can be a breeding ground for these organisms. When done correctly, pressure washing removes stains and prevents the build-up of allergens, which can take away from the health of your family and the appeal of your home. By periodically removing the buildup on your home, you protect its materials from expensive damage and keep the exterior surfaces of your home cleaner and healthier. Pressure washing also utilizes a low-pressure approach to washing the exterior of your home, using mildewcide-detergent solutions and bleach to fight back against dirt, bug debris, and help keep them from growing and spreading.

8. Saves time and money compared to other cleaning methods

Pressure washing is a great way to save time and money compared to other cleaning methods. Instead of spending hours scrubbing your home by hand, pressure washing can get the job done in a fraction of the time. Plus, you don’t have to worry about buying the equipment, fuel, and cleaners necessary to power wash your home. Professional power washing technicians have been trained and certified to use the best-in-class equipment to get the job done right without risking damage to your property. Compared to other cleaning methods, pressure washing is also much more cost effective. With a one-off payment, you can get a professional to use their expertise and best-in-class equipment to clean your home quickly and safely. Plus, you get the added benefit of professional insurance against any potential injuries or damages. All in all, pressure washing is a great way to save both time and money when it comes to cleaning your home.

9. Enhances safety with reduced risks of injury or electrical shock

Pressure washing can enhance safety by reducing the risk of injury or electrical shock by following simple precautions. Firstly, it is important to always wear eye protection to avoid eye injuries from flying particles and debris. Additionally, ladders should never be used when pressure washing as the recoil from the washer could easily knock the person off. Furthermore, power lines should be avoided or covered with duct tape to prevent water from getting inside and creating an electrical hazard. Finally, using a lance extension on the machine is preferred over using a ladder to reach places over-head and to prevent the risk of kickback. Following these safety precautions will help ensure that the exterior of a home can be pressure washed without any risk of injury or electrical shock.

10. Provides a deeper clean with pressure washing

Pressure washing is an effective and efficient way to clean surfaces around your home such as decks, patios, driveways, and siding. With a high-pressure water jet, the force of the water is able to dislodge and remove dirt, debris, grime, and other contaminants that have built up over the years. This provides a deeper clean than manual scrubbing with a brush and bucket, and removes years of dirt, grime, and weathering that can accumulate on the exterior of your home. Additionally, professional-grade pressure washers have access to more powerful equipment, allowing them to complete the job in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually. Pressure washing also has the added benefit of prolonging the lifespan of your home and protecting it from further damage and wear.

What should you consider when choosing a pressure washing service?

1. Experience and Professionalism

Experience and professionalism are important when selecting a pressure washing service to ensure a job is done quickly and correctly. Professional power washing companies have the skill and knowledge to do the job right, as well as the experience to use the right tools and techniques to achieve a high-quality outcome in a short amount of time. Additionally, professional pressure washing companies insure against injuries or damages, and they can remove all contaminants from the property. Hiring a professional is often the best option as they can provide satisfaction guarantees while also offering great deals with no hidden fees. Furthermore, professional power washing companies such as J & L Power Washing have several years of industry experience, over 2,500 five-star reviews, and an A+ BBB rating, so customers can expect the best every time. Therefore, selecting an experienced and professional pressure washing company is essential in achieving long lasting and quality results.

2. Equipment and Tools

When choosing a pressure washing service, you should consider the following equipment and tools: a pressure washer, a hose, detergent, drop cloths, protective gear (such as non-slip work boots and safety goggles), earplugs (for gas-powered machines), a lance extension, and scaffolding (for reaching places overhead). Additionally, you may want to consider renting or purchasing your own pressure washer and related equipment, as this will give you more control over the project and the outcome. Be sure to read the documentation that comes with your machinery and take the time to learn how to set up your machine and select the correct spray pattern. Lastly, make sure that the pressure washing service you choose has professional technicians with over 150 hours of training and best-in-class equipment that surpasses any store-bought power washer.

3. Price and Cost

When choosing a pressure washing service, there are several price and cost considerations to keep in mind. A larger project is more likely to have a lower rate per square foot than smaller, isolated tasks, since there are overhead costs involved regardless of the size or complexity of the project. Additionally, power washing services use heated water and can be more efficient for breaking up grease and grime build-up, but come at a higher cost than pressure washing. Location is also a factor, as pressure washing costs in prime locations may be higher than in more economical neighborhoods. Finally, pressure washing can add value to the sale price of a home, making it a wise investment for homeowners looking to increase the curb appeal of their property.

4. Quality of Service

When evaluating a pressure washing service’s quality of service, it is important to consider factors such as their level of professionalism, customer feedback, and the quality of the equipment being used. J & L Power Washing received a 5 on a scale from 1 to 5, and had additional neighbors that were impressed with the quality of their work.

J & L Power Washing offers a comprehensive pressure washing package with a variety of benefits to ensure a safe and high-quality process. With over 20 years of industry experience and over 2,500 five-star reviews, as well as an A+ BBB rating, customers can trust US to deliver a reliable service. Additionally, we offer industry-leading equipment and technicians that have undergone over 150 hours of training, and can guarantee better results faster.

5. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can be extremely helpful in choosing a pressure washing service. Reading through reviews from past clients gives potential customers an idea of the quality of the service they can expect. Reviews can reveal details such as the friendliness of staff, the convenience of scheduling, the quality of the service, the satisfaction guarantee, and the best-in-class equipment used. With customer reviews, potential customers can also find out about a company’s ratings, years in business, number of homes cleaned, and any hidden fees. Reviews are a great way to learn more about a company’s services and make an informed decision.

6. Accessibility

When choosing a pressure washing service, it is important to consider accessibility. Without the proper access, the job may become dangerous or ineffective because it would be difficult to reach places overhead. This could require the use of a ladder, which carries a risk of kickback that could easily knock someone off and cause serious injury. Hiring a professional with the proper equipment and experience is essential for a safe and successful job. They are equipped with scaffolding and other tools to ensure that the job is completed safely and effectively.

7. Time Commitment

When considering a pressure washing service, it is important to take into account the amount of time between now and the desired result . This is important because the service provider must have the capacity to complete the job in the allotted time frame in order to ensure a satisfactory result. Additionally, it is wise to compare and contrast quotes from multiple pressure washing services to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money.

8. Location

Location is an important factor to consider when choosing a pressure washing service. Depending on where your property is located, the cost of the service can vary significantly. For example, if your home is in an affluent neighborhood, the cost of pressure washing will likely be higher than if your home is in a more economical neighborhood. Additionally, the availability of a pressure washing service in your area can also be an important factor. If a service is not located nearby, you may need to pay extra for travel costs. It is also important to research the experience and reputation of the pressure washing company you choose. A company with a good track record of providing quality services at a fair cost can help you save money in the long run.

9. Warranty

When evaluating a pressure washing service, it’s important to compare and contrast the warranties offered. J & L Power Washing offers a money-back guarantee for their services, so you can trust that you’ll get the best results possible. This is a great way to ensure that you get quality results and a service that is worth the investment. It’s also important to consider how easy it is to contact the company if you have any issues with their services. J & L Power Washing makes it easy to request a quote or get more information about their services, so you can trust that you’ll get prompt and professional customer service.

10. Customer Service

When evaluating customer service of a pressure washing service, you should consider the quality of their work and the professionalism of their staff. J & L Power Washing is renowned for providing premium service to their customers and their team is highly-trained and equipped with best-in-class equipment. The company also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so customers can trust that the job will be done right. In addition, J & L Power Washing has many five-star reviews and an A+ BBB rating, so customers can be assured of getting quality service. The company also provides precise quotes and simple invoices, so customers can easily understand what services they’re getting and how much it will cost. Finally, we offer great deals and no hidden fees, so customers can be sure they’re getting the best value for their money.


What is the best way to find professional pressure washing services for my home?

The best way to find professional pressure washing services for your home is to research local companies in your area and ask for referrals from friends and family who have used such services. Once you have a list of potential pressure washing services, compare prices, reviews, and services offered. When you have narrowed down your list, contact the companies to ask specific questions about their services, such as their experience, insurance coverage, and the pressure washing equipment they use. Finally, arrange an onsite estimate to determine the cost and get a quote.

How often should I pressure wash my home’s exterior?

Pressure washing your home’s exterior can help protect it from dirt, grime, and other damage. The frequency of power washing depends on where you live, the type of siding, and other factors. Generally, it’s recommended to power wash your house at least once a year. If you live in a coastal area, a heavily polluted urban area, or an area with high humidity, you should pressure wash your home every 6 to 8 months. Additionally, you should power wash your house before a new coat of paint, after bad weather, and when preparing to sell your home. When pressure washing, make sure to repair damaged areas, use the correct attachments and material, and choose a day with no wind and no rain. Cover light fixtures with plastic and tape, bring down bushes and shrubs, and water the garden below the side of the house. Finally, use eye protection, avoid ladders, and get an extension or telescoping wand to reach second story levels.