House Washing

There’s the home we envision and the home we have. A house washing service from J & L Power Washing will merge those two visions into one. Using our innovative soft washing approach, your home will look beautiful - and those results will last.

Soft Washing: The Missing Link To A Happy Home

Every pressure washing company has the same goal - to make your home exterior look beautiful and spotless. The way they approach that goal can determine the curb appeal and the longevity your siding.

That’s why J & L Power Washing adheres to strict house washing standards. We exclusively use soft washing to clean your home, a process that uses a gentle low-pressure cleaning system to revitalize your exterior. This is important for a few reasons:

  • It’s safe. Traditional pressure washing equipment sends out water at more than 2500 pounds per square inch (PSI). While that level of power has its uses for certain parts of your property, it doesn’t apply to your home’s exterior siding. More pressure is not better when it comes to House Washing. In fact, high pressure on siding is the absolute worst thing that can be used for cleaning. High pressure will find its way behind vinyl siding, destroy coquina and stucco, remove finishing from bricks and destroy Hardie Board siding, resulting in extremely high-cost repairs. There’s a better option: soft washing uses less than half the PSI that pressure washing does.
  • It’s effective. We don’t use soft washing solely because it’s safe. We also use it because of its impact. With soft washing, you can expect a home exterior that looks bright, fresh and welcoming - whether it’s a new build or a historic home.
  • It’s long-lasting. We invest in the best equipment, detergents, and soaps to ensure that our House Washing service delivers superior results that will last. This isn’t just good for your curb appeal; it’s good for your property value.x 


Great Quality Shouldn’t Be Complicated

J & L Power Washing works around the philosophy that exceptional quality should be a given - and that superior results should be an expectation. That’s why our soft washing service is designed to deliver a detail-oriented service to every corner of your exterior.

With house washing, you’re investing in picture-perfect curb appeal. But you’re also investing in something more, something enduring. Our team is proud to help our customers stretch their property to their full potential… starting with their home exterior.

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